Improve Workplace Communication

It's easy to see why communication in the workplace is important. Ineffective workplace communication can result in frustrated employees, rifts between colleagues, unhappy clients, and delays or failures in reaching company goals. But understanding the need for communication and actually creating an environment with open and effective communication are two different things. We've compiled a …

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Top Priorities for Nonprofit Organizations in 2018

Every business and organization faces challenges to accomplish its mission. There is an ongoing effort to sustain and grow the organization while adapting and keeping up with the times. Nonprofit organizations face unique challenges in those areas as they are operated and monitored in a very different way than typical business models. Most nonprofits gain …

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How safe do you feel at work?

coffee-break-1177540_1920 That may not be a question one wants to think too deeply about at first. After all, just like your home, your place of employment is a familiar environment, somewhere you go nearly every day. No one wants to think about the possibility that we're not 100% safe in those surroundings. But, for business owners, security in the workplace is a major priority. Not only is it vital to keep your business assets secure, it is just as important to keep the people you employ out of harm's way.