Cubicle V. Open Office

Installing phone lines, modems, and cameras all day allows our technicians to see a variety of businesses, each with its unique style. But in offices, it seems there are two main options: Cubicle or Open Office. The cubicle has been a symbol of the workplace since the 1960s. The characters of the Dilbert comics were …

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5 Reasons to Love National Small Business Week

assorted-business-buy-159991 National Small Business Week is a tradition 65 years in the making. Small businesses, big businesses, consumers, and government come together once a year to celebrate and support small business in the United States. Here are 5 reasons why we love National Small Business Week!

How safe do you feel at work?

coffee-break-1177540_1920 That may not be a question one wants to think too deeply about at first. After all, just like your home, your place of employment is a familiar environment, somewhere you go nearly every day. No one wants to think about the possibility that we're not 100% safe in those surroundings. But, for business owners, security in the workplace is a major priority. Not only is it vital to keep your business assets secure, it is just as important to keep the people you employ out of harm's way.