Why We’re All Using the “Cloud”

Storage is a big issue these days. We all take photos, write documents, record videos, and download content from the internet. And as technology progresses, the amount of data used by each document, image, or sound increases with it. Instead of deleting precious electronic content, many of us are turning to the cloud. What is …

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Isolate this area. Zoom in. And enhance!

zoom in and enhance Those words have been used at least once in almost every crime show or action movie ever made. The police are looking for a suspect and a convenience store security camera happens to catch sight of someone a block away. It's the time and general area where the crime was committed. Could it be the perp? There's only one way to find out: Send the footage to the police station's resident computer genius that they keep on retainer for just such occasions. The office tells him which area of the video to focus on. Zoom in. Enhance!