Isolate this area. Zoom in. And enhance!

zoom in and enhance

Those words have been used at least once in almost every crime show or action movie ever made. The police are looking for a suspect and a convenience store security camera happens to catch sight of someone a block away. It’s the time and general area where the crime was committed. Could it be the perp?

There’s only one way to find out: Send the footage to the police station’s resident computer genius that they keep on retainer for just such occasions. The office tells him which area of the video to focus on. Zoom in. Enhance!

And just like that the day is saved!

Only that’s not how it works.

Most of us know this by now. TV is rarely based on reality, but we enjoy watching the magic unfold anyway.

But what if that’s what you really want? Suppose a casino’s head of security wants to be able to zoom in on a face across the crowded floor to identify the person who has been cheating the games. Or suppose a city wants to clearly see the license plates of vehicles on a toll road. Or a family man wants to make sure that if anyone ever tried to break into his home, he could give a clear identification to the police.

16426367108_b54039a538_o (2)
The high pixel image above is much clearer than the low pixel image below

16426367108_4754b6f712_mThese are real needs. And while “enhancing” doesn’t work the way it does in the movies,cameras are able to pick up so much detail now that there’s no need to enhance. It all comes down to pixels. The more pixels a camera stores, the more detail is in the image. A 2 megapixel (that’s about 2,000,000 pixels) camera will display a perfectly clear image on a computer monitor. But once you try to zoom in, you may begin to see some of those pixels. A camera capable of capturing 4 megapixels will maintain a clear image for twice as long. An 8 mp camera is clearer for even longer, and so on as you go up.

Of course, if the camera you’re using is located in an individual office, it obviously won’t need as much zoom capabilities as a camera viewing a large parking lot. So take a look at your home or business needs when it comes to camera quality and you’ll never have to find the resident computer genius to “enhance” any videos for you. It’s as easy as point and click!

Our team is more than happy to help you evaluate those needs with you to help you find the camera solution that’s right for you. Give us a call or visit our site to learn more about the Hikvision camera products we carry.

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