5 Reasons to Love National Small Business Week


National Small Business Week is a tradition 65 years in the making. Small businesses, big businesses, consumers, and government come together once a year to celebrate and support small business in the United States.

Here are 5 reasons why we love National Small Business Week:

1. It’s good for the economy

Over 50% of the American workforce are employed by small businesses. And it’s worth noting that all big businesses were once small businesses. Can anyone remember when Starbucks was just one shop selling coffee beans? Or when Amazon was a simple online bookstore? Most of us don’t, but that’s how everything starts and it’s nice to have a week that recognizes the humble beginnings.

2. Free education for business owners

If you own or work for a small business, you’ll want to check out some of the resources that are available this week. The Small Business Administration is facilitating virtual conferences on various topics sponsored by several businesses and organizations to help educate and grow small businesses. You can find more details about these conferences, plus other events and specials here.

3. Connecting small businessesassorted-business-buy-159991

Some of the greatest advocates for small business are other small businesses. This week is the perfect time to reach out and communicate with other small business owners. You might even be able to help each other find customers. For example, a café that also serves dog biscuits might team up with a pet grooming business. Bring in the pet groomer’s business card for a free dog biscuit at the café. Or bring a receipt from the café for a percentage off a grooming service. This week is all about connections and that’s what keeps small business going!

4. Deals and specials

Many small businesses are participating this week by having special sales to thank their patrons for the support. This builds a good relationship with the customers and really benefits both parties. In addition, some big businesses are offering specials on services that business owners need. As a business owner, this is the time to look into finally building that website or taking a computer course.

5. Community

Small businesses are a major part of a community’s identity. Think about where you live, or the town you grew up in. Every place has that one mom-and-pop store on the corner that’s been around for ages. Or that mechanic who still asks how your kids are, even after they went away to college. Or that new coffee shop that somehow makes the most addicting coffee you’ve ever had. These not only become a part of the landscape of our towns, but a part of our lives. And this week they get recognition.

So here’s to you, hairdressers and woodworkers and florists and chefs. Here’s to us, the small businesses and the patrons alike. Here’s to a happy National Small Business Week!

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